Low power foto-webcam

I’m working on a new project, a low power foto-webcam. The idea come from http://www.foto-webcam.eu website, they are installing this systems in remote area from many years. However, they use to leave the system always turned on, instead I want to turn the system ON only when the camera have to take the picture.

I’m doing this with a STM32L0 evaluation board and a Mosfet to turn the system ON/OFF.

Here is the picture of the first prototype (the camera power supply is not yet implemented)

I will write further details and post my script.

OpenWRT check wireless link status

You can check if your interface is connected to an AP with

iw wlan0 link

and the output is something like this

SSID: blabla
freq: 2432
RX: 196892 bytes (1278 packets)
TX: 19107 bytes (125 packets)
signal: -35 dBm
tx bitrate: 57.8 MBit/s MCS 5 short GI

bss flags: short-preamble short-slot-time
dtim period: 0
beacon int: 100

Nedap PowerRouter – Protection Charge every morning

Since some moths my PowerRouter goes into ProtectionCharge at morning when the system wake up. This behaviour is quite strange because at evening it stops at the expected SOC (50% in my case) witout any error. There are now low voltage error or something similar.

I think that at morning, when it wake up, it do some check before start to charge the batteries and this cause an undervolte or something that put the system in “protection charge”.

I have also tried to lower the DOD but the problem is always the same.

Does anyone have similar problem ?

Here you can see my voltage, current and SOC graph.