Pajero diagnostic DIY without scan tool

Mine 2.5 GLS ’95 Pajero have problem with ABS from a lots of time. These days I spent some time to find the problem, I’m not a guru of car electronics but searching with google i was able to find some helpful tips. The most interesting thing is the easy way to get an error code from the ABS system to understand where is the problem. To read the code you have to:

  1. Find the diagnostic port, that in my car is next fuse box, near driver footwell underneath the fuel filler opener handle.
  2. Find the first pin and understand its numbering, this image is useful
  3. Now, connecting pin 1 to GND (pin 4) the system go in diagnostic mode and ABS lamp show you a code
  4. To read the code i quote the instruction of the site linked below
    To read these flashing lights are easy.
    Count the long flashes followed by the short flashes.
    Long flashes denominate 10's and short flashes denominate 1's.
    _____ _____ _____ __ __ __ __ (Error code 34)
  5. Now using the table in the service manual you will be able to understand what the code means.



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