1. Raed

    hello there,
    can this sensor be fixed ? maybe fixing the electronic board by an electrician ? mine is fault (as my mechanic says) , i tried to open the side screws and found out that it was filled with a kind of oily fluid of something like that , would you recommend to replace it ? and how to test it because am not very sure that mine is really faulty…
    Thanks for the photo its really rare 🙂

    • rodezio

      Hi Read,
      thanks for the comment, yours is the first of this blog 😀
      about the sensor, i think the better way is to get an used one from somewhere. But i’m a step behind you, i don’t open it at all. I stopped because i think it can’t be opened further without damage. Can you give some picture ? If is an electronic problem maybe it can be fixed.
      About the fluid, be careful, for what i know it is mercury.

  2. Raed

    Ohhh really ?? mercury ? hmm i dont think so because i would be already dead hehe , i think its a kind of oil like baby oil or glycerine like and colorless with bad smell , its filling the hole piece (large quantity) , for mercury this should weigh about 15-20 lbs ! last silly question , how to post pictures here mate ?? 🙂 , i have some…

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