How-To convert TS to MKV

I write this little how-to because my DreamBox 800 records in .TS format and i want to convert the file in .h264. After a lots of search and attempts i realize that MeGUI is the better choice for what i have to do. You can download it here

It d0esn’t need to be installed, simply paste the files in a folder. After that, you have to install avisynth which is included in the .zip of MeGUI.

Now i describe my workflow for the conversion:

1) deMux the stream

2) create AviSynth script

here i select “resize to mod16” to get the correct format

than press analyze so the tools analyze the video and select the correct deinterlacing filter

3) create cut files with AVS cutter. With the help of preview select zones you want to convert and then press “do all and close”

4) select codec and encode the video

5) load cut files , cuts and encode audio

6) Mux audio e video


here some useful link:


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