pyLoad won’t start

If your pyLoad won’t start and give you an error like this:

[~] # pyLoadCore
18.08.2012 14:08:42 INFO Starting pyLoad 0.4.9
18.08.2012 14:08:42 INFO Using home directory: /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload_config
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/bin/pyLoadCore", line 667, in <module>
File "/opt/bin/pyLoadCore", line 658, in main
File "/opt/bin/pyLoadCore", line 392, in start
self.pluginManager = PluginManager(self)
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/plugins/", line 50, in __init__
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/plugins/", line 73, in createIndex
self.plugins["hooks"] = self.hookPlugins = self.parse("hooks")
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/plugins/", line 196, in parse
temp = self.parse(folder, pattern, plugins)
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/plugins/", line 163, in parse
config = literal_eval(config[0].strip().replace("\n", "").replace("\r", ""))
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/lib/", line 44, in const_eval
c = test_expr(expr, _const_codes)
File "/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload/module/lib/", line 33, in test_expr
raise ValueError, "%s is not a valid expression" % expr
ValueError: ("activated", "bool", "Activated", True), ("key", "str", "Key", ""), ("force", "bool", "Force CT even if client is connected", False), __author_name__ = ("RaNaN") __author_mail__ = ("") SUBMIT_URL = "" RESPOND_URL = "" GETCREDITS_URL = "" def setup(self): = {} def getCredits(self): json = getURL(BypassCaptcha.GETCREDITS_URL % {"key": self.getConfig("key")}) response = loads(json) if response[0 is not a valid expression

try to delete the contents of this directory [/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/Optware/share/pyload_config/userplugins]
it works for me!


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