Mendeley VS JabRef

In the last month I needed to organize a lots of article and book for a work that I’m doing, in the past year I used JabRef, however it had never meet my requirements at all. Yes it isn’t bad, it do its work but it’s interface is very old style, it always seems to me an half-abandoned project.

Some month ago I have discovered Mendeley which looks like a good utility but after some minute I discovered that for default it upload my article on its sync cloud service. My expression was: WTF why do you do that ?? i don’t need a sync service, i don’t want to have others file somewhere on the net! the result is that i have immediately remove my account!

These day I have installed  Mendeley again ad I was able to disable synchronization pressing edit setting as show here


after that I finally can start using Mendeley, however it isn’t perfect, the pdf drag and drop often fails to detect title, also often you have to review manually the document that it hasn’t in its database so for the standard procedure is to add pdf manually with the webimporter and link file on my pc manually. Furthermore due to its sync nature it broke link to file (on hdd) if you use it on different pc, for example, I use dropbox to sync my document beetween my desktop and my laptop, with JabRef i was able to have valid link to file in both pc with Mendeley this is impossible.

My final comment is that maybe the old JabRef is better, however the choice is hard, none of these two satisfy my requirements at all.


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