Replace Bosch eBike Intuvia display dead battery

Inside the Bosch Intuvia display there is a small backup battery that supply it when the main battery is turned off or when the display is removed from the bike. It could happend that your Bosch Intuvia disply get over-discharged.

The symptoms of this problem are:

  • you can’t start your bike from the display but if you start if form the push-botton on the main battery the bike works fine
  • you lost the clock each time you turn off the bike

To solve this problem is necessary to replace the small 240 mAh LiPo backup battery inside the display.

I can do the work for you if you are not confident whit this kind of works. Leave a comment and I will contact you.



  1. elpis

    Hi I haven’t used for long time my e-bike powered by bosch active line with intuvia and the intuvia display does not power up. What i have managed to do is to power it up by usb cable and the place it on the bike and use the bike as normal. The problem is that the intuvia cannot start by itself. Do you have any suggestions on what the problem is.


    • rodezio

      Hi Elpis,

      you can easily turn-on the bike by pushing the button on the battery. Your display can be easily repaired following my post. If you need help I can fix it but you have to send it to me.

      • rodezio

        Hello Mark,
        if the problem is the same that I have already solved I can repair it. Where are you from ? The shipping could be expensive compared to the display price. Could you please tell me something more about your problem ? Is the display dead ? does the bike turn on if you press the button on the battery ?

  2. Ian

    How did you get the two middle screws out? Looks like they filled them with something. What was the battery you used (model number or size of the battery)? Thanks for the help!

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