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Supasonic Ultrasonic level meter – Sonic 8

Some years ago I had bought this ultrasonic level meter, these days I’ve discovered that I d0n’t have the instruction manual. Unfortunately this company, Supasonic, is unobtainable on the web, after long search I am able to find a couple of instruction manual:

1) the first one is from this, looking the PDF with a pdf editor you can see that hcs77 has covered the original logo with a white box, I attach here the (suppose) original version


2) the second one is the istruction manual of a rebrand (or mayble the original, I can’t know that) called rittmeyer and the product name is MPUL06, here is the pdf Ultrasonic_Level_Transducer_MPUL06 

Here I have upload some photos of the device I’am talking about:





Arduino + Matlab serial connection

In the past days i had some issues while i’m trying to read some Arduino datas using Matlab. I made a simple Matlab script which should read a number from Arduino but when I open the serial port after a while i get this error:

Warning:A timeout occurred before the Terminator was reached.

after some search on web i find that  pressing reset button on Arduino board just after started Matlab script, it is able to read the data correctly. So, if you get the error shown above:

1) lunch Matlab script

2) press reset button on the Arduino board

3) you should be able to see the Tx led of Arduino blinking

Here there are 2 example of sampling. I was reading the output signal from a 433Mhz receiver.