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iPhone international sms send issue

In the last days I had an issues with my iPhone 5 and cross country sms. I was unable to send sms to a an international number with prefix. The phone always reported an error. After a lots of attempts I discover that the problem was the Dial assist, you can disable it under “Settings -> Phone -> Dial assist“. I’m in europe and the iOS manual report that this function is for US.


Click to access iphone_user_guide.pdf

iPhone jabilbreak and restore – update

These days I came back to iPhone restore issues. Since last post I discovered that something change with SHSH, i don’t understand well what is changed but I have seen that now for restore on an older version you have to make a custom firmware. For example you can do:

1) open redsn0w

2) extras

3) shsh blobs

4) stitch

5) select ipsw

6) select shsh that you have saved before (Local) or you can download them from cydia server using TinyUmbarella

then redsn0w make a custom IPSW that you can restore using iTunes with you device in DFU mode.



If you have problem with restore process, you can find the log here

~/Library/Logs/iPhone Updater Logs/

%AppData%\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Updater Logs


If you need firmware, this is the better website:



iPhone 3gs bb 6.15 custom firmware iOS 5.01 unthethered

Few days ago was released untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.01. I’ve try to install it hoping that it can solve my “no service” problem. Obviously i wasn’t able to solve the problem but iOS 5.01 looks nice. This is what I’ ve done:

  1. Download original firmware image from
  2. Download Snowbreeze 2.8b11 from
  3. Create the custom firmware selecting the option for active the phone
  4. Install CF (custom firmware) with iTunes pressing SHIFT+select to select the CF
  5. The installing should finish without problem and you should get a screen with the apple + a status bar
  6. Boot the phone with iBooty
  7. Install the Corona package from cydia to get your phone unthetered
  8. Install ultrasnow from cydia and if you are more more lucky than me you get the mobile part working