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pfSense – PPPoE disconnects requiring reboot

Recently I am having some problem with my pfSense box and the router in bridge mode. This topic describe very well my problem

Currently I don’t have any solution to solve the problem. A possible workaround may be leave to the router the management of ¬†pppoe connection and set pfSense WAN with a static IP. To avoid the double NAT problem I have put my pfSense WAN IP on the DMZ of the router.

Wireless N 5GHz DGND3700 v1

In the last days I am having some trouble running 5GHz 802.11n with this device and last version of OpenWRT. It turn out that b43 open source driver can’t work in N mode, so I switched to the proprietary WL broadcom driver. However, it cause my router to crash after a client connect to it.

I’m working on it.

Next step:
log driver debug information with hostapd