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Nedap PowerRouter – Protection Charge every morning

Since some moths my PowerRouter goes into ProtectionCharge at morning when the system wake up. This behaviour is quite strange because at evening it stops at the expected SOC (50% in my case) witout any error. There are now low voltage error or something similar.

I think that at morning, when it wake up, it do some check before start to charge the batteries and this cause an undervolte or something that put the system in “protection charge”.

I have also tried to lower the DOD but the problem is always the same.

Does anyone have similar problem ?

Here you can see my voltage, current and SOC graph.






Nedap PowerRouter – Some annoying issues

In this last month I have received the replacement for my PowerRouter due to the recall campaign for solar module problem. Now I have discovered 3 annoying issue:
1) (solved by Nedap support) I can’t see the consumption data of my old system on myPowerRouter. I can see all data exept data related to current sensor. This is my screenshot:

2) Now that is winter the DOD is limiteted to 75% and I can’t disable this protection system.

3) Detailed data of voltage, current etc. older than July 2013 are for me unavailable. The system have been installed in 2012 and I can see the data available in the dashboard (like solar yead) from 2012.

Nedap Li-ion battery for classic 24 V model

In this official press release  Nedap announced the support for Li-ion battery  on the classic 24V powerrouter which is actually available for usage with AGM/GEL or flooded Lead-acid battery. The announcement stated:

Nedap is working with Li-ion battery manufacturer Saft. From 1 August the Saft Intensium@home
Li-ion battery can be connected to the PowerRouter Li-ion. The strength of the Nedap
PowerRouter is that the customer can choose which battery they want to connect. Nedap’s plan is
to embrace a multi-brand strategy, through which it will eventually be possible to connect a wide
range of battery brands to the PowerRouter. This applies to both the PowerRouter Li-ion and the
existing PowerRouter for standard batteries (24 volts). This is also the reason Nedap has
established a partnership with Li-ion manufacturers Akasol and LG Chem and is open to work with
other interested manufacturers.

I don’t understand if the 24V model  can work with 48V Li-ion battery or if some battery manufacturer are working on a 24V Li-ion battery. Anyway the choice of guarantee support of new feature in old product is always an admirable choice!