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OpenPli multichannel PCM

PCM format is raw and universally supported from all AV receiver, it seems that you can force your decoder to transcode DD to PCB multichannel with this command

echo -n "enable" > /proc/stb/audio/multichannel_pcm


DreamBox DM800 – Hardware problem

I have a DM 800 HD that don’t start anymore, the display is black, no led only etherned leds are on and steady, also without cable.

After some search I have find a guru of Dreambox hardware on this forum

and now I am investigating the problem.

Here there is some schematics thata I have find there (Credits to Johnny B)



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Oscam on qnap

To install oscam on a Qnap ts-212 you have to do the following step:
1) download binary for arm-coolstream from this website
2) download library from here and copy the file to /usr/lib/
3) copy oscam binary into your favorite folder and after fix the permission you can lunch it