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Update Huawei G700-U10 to b124

1) Download firmware from official website

2) Download MktDroidTools for backup IMEI

3) backup on sd with backup app already present on smarthphone

3) root with framaroot

4) backup IMEI

5) copy update.app on SD and reboot on recovery


iPhone jabilbreak and restore – update

These days I came back to iPhone restore issues. Since last post I discovered that something change with SHSH, i don’t understand well what is changed but I have seen that now for restore on an older version you have to make a custom firmware. For example you can do:

1) open redsn0w

2) extras

3) shsh blobs

4) stitch

5) select ipsw

6) select shsh that you have saved before (Local) or you can download them from cydia server using TinyUmbarella

then redsn0w make a custom IPSW that you can restore using iTunes with you device in DFU mode.



If you have problem with restore process, you can find the log here

~/Library/Logs/iPhone Updater Logs/

%AppData%\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Updater Logs


If you need firmware, this is the better website: