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Wireless N 5GHz DGND3700 v1

In the last days I am having some trouble running 5GHz 802.11n with this device and last version of OpenWRT. It turn out that b43 open source driver can’t work in N mode, so I switched to the proprietary WL broadcom driver. However, it cause my router to crash after a client connect to it.

I’m working on it.


Next step:
log driver debug information with hostapd


OpenWRT check wireless link status

You can check if your interface is connected to an AP with

iw wlan0 link

and the output is something like this

SSID: blabla
freq: 2432
RX: 196892 bytes (1278 packets)
TX: 19107 bytes (125 packets)
signal: -35 dBm
tx bitrate: 57.8 MBit/s MCS 5 short GI

bss flags: short-preamble short-slot-time
dtim period: 0
beacon int: 100

Nedap PowerRouter – Some annoying issues

In this last month I have received the replacement for my PowerRouter due to the recall campaign for solar module problem. Now I have discovered 3 annoying issue:
1) (solved by Nedap support) I can’t see the consumption data of my old system on myPowerRouter. I can see all data exept data related to current sensor. This is my screenshot:

2) Now that is winter the DOD is limiteted to 75% and I can’t disable this protection system.

3) Detailed data of voltage, current etc. older than July 2013 are for me unavailable. The system have been installed in 2012 and I can see the data available in the dashboard (like solar yead) from 2012.